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THE secret discovery call checklist
How To Convey The BENEFITS Of Your
Coaching Services That Makes Prospects Feel 100% CONFIDENT About 
Working With YOU
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  • If you’re unsure how to ask someone to join Your programme we'll walk you through a simple sentence to use, that feels natural to say and easy to remember. [All things considered, you should hear the reply “yes… sure… of course”]
  • Top Insider Secret Reveals: How To Structure Discovery calls SO WITHIN 30 Mins You can Enrol the right clients Into Your Programme.
  • Revealed The No #1 thing most coaches fail to do on Discovery Calls which could easily lead to a 30% increase in conversions once you incorporate this small change in your approach.
  • Learn the neat trick of how to embed your offer in the mind of your prospects, as used by ancient Egyptian scholars for the purpose of memory Recall.
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