Finally: A New Online Programme With A Difference For Coaches Who Are Stuck
And Seriously Want To Earn £100,000.00 Plus Per Year
Discover How
You Can Use The Vortex Plug & Play System To Get Out Of A Rut, And Attract Your Perfect Clients... Who Are Ready To Buy Your Coaching Services!
You're about to bridge the gap, to the amazing coaching business you
secretly crave, but until now has alluded you.
Since studying Vortex, I generated over £10,000 in sales in under 90 minutes! Vortex is a life changing programme.
Pin Binning
I increased attendance to my event  by 473% leading to revenues of £50,000.00 for my coaching Programme.
Bernardo Moya
Thanks to the V3 Methodology I generated over £6,000.00 of my new coaching program using nothing more than an email.
Barbara Holding
The 1 to 1 help in the Vortex Programme pushed me to the next filled in exactly what I was missing in my business.
Julia Keller
The Sales SCRIPT worked!
I closed a really high sale and within half an hour the money was in my Paypal account...
Nishti Ismail
I can't thank you guys enough for the golden nuggets in this. From day one certain things just resonated with me.
Valerie Campbell
* Any and all results described here do not indicate promises or guarantees of similar results, financial or otherwise.
As with all education and training, results will vary and depend upon the business and person applying them.
Dear Friend,

If you’re a Coach who is fed up with trying to figure out why you’re not living
the Six Figure Coaching Lifestyle you desire, then it’s important that you read this.

Especially if you've hopped on a tonne of webinars, watched dozens of videos,
read book after book and bought the odd course, all in the name of progress,
only to find you’re no further forward.

In fact - you've probably given up all hope of finding a course which delivers.

Let me tell...
The naked truth about home study courses
that nobody else will tell YOU!
Most publishers of courses and programmes will never highlight the fact
that 99% of Courses are tactic - not principle based.

I'll elaborate on this point with a few illustrations.

Let’s say you’re interested in mastering Facebook Ads and you buy a course.

Once downloaded. Much of the content is rendered useless, because
of its tactic based nature. (The Facebook Ads platform is a moving target and is updated daily)
Here's another way of looking at the majority of self-study courses:
Imagine you had a teacher who just lectured in a style you
found boring, so you lost the desire to learn.

The reality is many courses are designed this way, so if you’re not motivated to succeed, you’re just set up to fail.

I know, you're probably thinking...
What's Different About
Vortex Plug & Play (VPP)?

What makes the VPP System unique is the course’s hybrid
structure, combining both self-study and coaching. 

As part of our course you can cash in on
12 Months of free coaching...

Yes, you read right. (I explain how this works shortly)

The next unique feature is all the content is ‘bespoke”
to the student based on initial skills assessment. 

The reason for this unique approach is simple.
People get bogged down in silly detail and just need
to be steered in the right direction.

Let’s be frank...

Anyone buying a course is looking for a solution
to shorten the time curve to achieve a specific goal.

Now speaking about goals the Vortex Plug & Play
System helps coaches achieve multiple learning
goals simultaneously.

The following list reveals...
Who would be a Good Fit for VPP?
Coaches, Consultants or Authors;
  • who find difficulty in enrolling prospects on to their courses
  • who hate selling but want more clients
  • who don't have a high ticket coaching programme and not sure where to start
  • who are clueless about funnels
  • who are unsure about which software to use for their business
  • who want to build a die hard community that buys anything you market to them
  • who's stuck with the best way to promote their services
  • who are not synonymous in their niche
  • who want a lead generation strategy
  • who are looking to discover another hot Niche
  • who are looking for hot spot trends to capitalise on
  • who would like to use social media for better positioning
  • who have doubts about certain elements of their business
  • who need to be held accountable
  • who want to use webinars
  • who need to create a Facebook ad campaign
  • who needs to connect with their audience at a deeper level
  • who wants to create an online course fast and easy
  • who need to understand how to use email marketing
  • who would like to learn how to do video live streams
  • who wants to scale their coaching business rapidly
  • who want a personal transformation
  • who want to leave a legacy
So...that's a comprehensive list right?
However, by no means exhaustive in terms of how
the Vortex System helps people in the expert space.
See what Christy Rutherford has to say...
Now it’s time to walk you through exactly how students,
just like you have experienced:
Transformation With
Vortex Plug & Play 
Vortex Programme
For speed of transformation this online learning resource has over ninety lessons - with videos, workbooks, templates, proven scripts and more, which work across all niches ensuring you;

1) Elevate your professional knowledge
2) Execute tasks more efficiently
3) Evolutionise your brand in the market you serve
This hybrid approach has a proven track record of results across multiple niches.

Here’s what this course will empower you to do.
Module 1
The 3M's (Market, Message, Medium)
  • The 3M Siphon cash survey method” (This Method will help you corner the market)
  • Discover The 3 big ideas you must nail, to break the feast / famine cycle of generating leads. (working less hours - producing more results).
  • The 5 questions you need to ask so you can properly price, promote and package your service”... Lighting a bonfire of intrigue ...leading to a buyer frenzy for your service offerings.
  • How to use the power of research to provide the ultimate solutions and products for your clients.
  • How to craft the best irresistible offer which has your prospects finger... poised to click the buy now button...
  • Master the steps: it takes to bolster your Earning POWER beyond 100k
  • How to stop being paid by the hour and get paid by the thousands for your consulting services...
  • How to stand out in an overcrowded hyper competitive niche even if you’re a New player in your space.
  • The low risk way to corner the market using the little known underground ways of positioning yourself with a smart phone.
  • How to infiltrate a market and gain influence... using “piggyback trending”
Module 2
Power Positioning Secrets
You will Discover 7 Power Positioning Secrets which allow you to standout in your niche... Think iconic landmarks such as the “Eiffel Tower”, the “Statue of Liberty” or “Nelson’s Column” (Knowing these secrets will make your competition go green with envy).
  • How to influence your audience ...using the exact same secrets of charismatic leaders, politicians, and business gurus ...who routinely get unprecedented attention for their brands
  • You will discover the one neat trick the late musical icons Prince and Michael Jackson repeatedly used to strengthen their market share… Which you can deploy with a little foresight.
  • You will gain amazing insights about Power Positioning, as observed from infamous graffiti artist Banksy who had the big apple in the palm of his hands for 30 days straight - when you can replicate these tactics… The business world’s your oyster
  • Discover the underused strategy which has been popular in American Sporting Franchises. THIS IS so powerful you can be on the tip of audience’s tongues almost daily.
  • Plus, get the game changing ways of how to subtly control the way people perceive you in your marketplace… Using any of the 7 positional Power strategies will Give you Greater Financial autonomy.
  • 4 Actions: you can take to quickly establish yourself as an authority figure ... in your market. This is commonly used in the music industry to manufacture success fast... (simple when you know how)
  • 13 Proven Timeless Tactics: keeps you firmly top of mind in your industry ALLOWING ...You to gain endless referrals and be quoted time and time again as a special interest source for TV/Radio shows on the BBC (All revealed in POP Authority Video)
  • How to build a hyper active community by giving away chargeable content for free. The best part is, you can monetise this in a flash using a underground facebook ad content Tactic to 10 x profits Guaranteed...
  • Why it's important to appear omnipresent and the best way to achieve this using social Media
You'll find all these Methods in The Video entitled POP Authority Videos
Module 3
How To come up with irresistible offers any sane person can't refuse 
There's examples of how to develop your services /products so it appears superior to all the alternatives in your space.
  • How To find big ideas and Construct offers Your Audience Want to buy without delay...
  • How to use 3 features inside the ONLINE giant Amazon to generate a tonne of ideas for amazing irresistible offers…
  • The secret way of using Review sites to Engineer breakthrough offers ,this is so simple you’ll wonder why you never done it before
  • How to use search engines powerhouses Google Yahoo and Bing to highlight more ideas for brilliant offers
  • Discover the 5 Things entrepreneurs Get Dead wrong when coming up with big ideas… Missing the mark completely, case in point most companies unique selling points
  • Get The incredible back story of how a well known fast food franchise became a billion dollar brand by addressing a common fault in their industry and turning it into an irresistible offer
  • “The 4 Question Framework ” you can use as a benchmark to produce multiple offers your audience will beat path to our office door to purchase
In addition to this you'll receive Bonus info
  • A Foolproof formula to gain attention to your offer in a face to face setting used by the best comedy performers the world over ...unbelievably good ...wait till you see the results
  • “Compiled for you” The HOT List of Power words to supercharge Your proposition in the marketplace …making you the talk of Your niche
  • How to make your offer Believable in the mind of your prospect, killing buyers resistance...
  • The one missing Element you need To have in your offer which no sane person could ever refuse once seen.
  • Revealed Three case studies you can model ... to design a runway offer which will blow away your competition (These ideas gave birth to a billion dollar business still operating Today)
See what Bernardo Moya has to say...
"I increased attendance to my event by 473% leading to revenues of £50,000.00 for my coaching Programme. Wow!"
Module 4
How to Locate Your ideal Prospect Hangout Hotspots Online
  • Discover What traffic source is better for scaling your businesses for faster profits online...
  • Why you should Never fall into the trap of getting leads from one source observe how to Combine both online and offline channels To Gain Bigger returns from your marketing
  • The Secret tactics that most gurus don't want you to know about.. (Yes How To use Memes to build your Tribe In Less Than 30 Days)
  • How To Gain An unfair advantage using our ' Pixelology Pipeline' Formula This has proven very effective in gaining new clients for pennies on the pound using Facebook ads
  • The 4 Types of audience’s You should be tweaking your content for On Facebook
  • How to Get Facebook to find the scores of prospects... Using a Great Little Feature in the user Interface , 90% of Facebook advertisers are ignoring its full potential ..
  • Why You Need a Video Marketing Strategy Going Forward (And Don't worry if you’re camera shy learn the alternative ways to get Video Marketing to work for you...
  • How to add a direct response Structure to Your Content To Produce Maximum Results
  • How to produce Video So YouTube will Amplify YOUR brand to the tune of Millions (Think Dollar shave club and dollar Beard Club…)
  • What every struggling coach is doing wrong in their content creation process ,which is literality stopping them from getting any traction ..AND how you can avoid it...
  • How To get your audience devouring your content to the point they can't wait to see what’s coming next... The secret found in every Good TV Box set series
Module 5
More Revenue adding Secrets at Your Disposal
  • The case for outsourcing content creation and How to do it cost effectively.
  • The Exact Webinar formula for both Live and Pre-recorded presentations To leverage your lead generation and work whilst you sleep.
  • How you can harness the power of Email Marketing To Nurture long term relationship and position your portfolio of services.
  • 7 FREE online resources to help you write more interesting content your audience can’t get enough of Plus Much Much content.
Module 6
How To Create An Online Course or Workshop in a weekend And Make Huge Profits
Inside this section of Vortex we dissect the core elements so you can execute;
  • How to build a consistent revenue stream helping students who want to learn online.
  • The easiest way To Fill Your online Coaching Programmes
  • Get the lowdown on what software you should use to record to your online course.
  • The simplest way to outline your course material which can be re-purposed for other formats
  • How to test if anyone would buy your course before you write one word of content.
  • Revealed, our Proven system of filling up online coaching programmes using Social Media
  • How To Come up with a big idea for your online course .. which standouts and shouts unique!
  • You'll get a full quick start equipment guide to get you up and running right away
  • The Best way of protecting yourself from copycat Merchants stealing Your Intellectual property
  • unveiled The Snakes And Ladders process .. responsible for injecting perpetual cash flow for your businesses.
  • Learn The right way and the wrong way to do discovery call sessions. This insider tip will save you tens of thousands of pounds in lost opportunities.
  • How To Become Master at enrolling students into your courses ...there's a few things you must perfect to see sales soar (no special selling skills required)
Here's How you can get phenomenal results for your business right now
once you enrol on to the Vortex Plug & Play System.
Now you know where your prospects congregate you will engage them in a way that attracts them like "bees to honey". 
Option 1: Vortex Plug & Play
You'll get instant access to the "Vortex P&P" system which includes more killer content than what’s just  been outlined with even more bonus content, so to summarise the transformational content will include; 
1) “The 3M Siphon cash survey method ”(This Method will help you corner the market)
2) POP 7 Power Positioning Secrets which allows you to standout in your niche like iconic landmarks
3) How To come up with irresistible offers any sane person can't refuse
4) How To identify Your ideal Prospect Hangout Hotspots online .
5) Revenue Adding secrets At Your Disposal
6) How To Create online courses / workshops in a weekend And Profit From them

Plus... the phenomenal bonuses I said you’d get your hands on...
Bonus 1
Free Monthly Coaching Calls for 12 months, all recorded for ease of implementation to manoeuvre you towards the six figure finishing Line. (These calls will be pivotal in your journey.)
Bonus 2
Full Access To Podcast Interviews with Modern Day Movers in entrepreneurship business and marketing revealing never before heard trade secrets with inspirational stories.
Bonus 3
The Vortex Underground Plug and Play Mavericks Facebook Group.
Posting Most update strategies

-Fortnightly Live Q&A sessions
-Whiteboard sessions
-Virtual Hot seat sessions.

All designed to wipe the floor with your competition giving you an unfair advantage.
Bonus 4
If you've ever had a fear of selling high value, £1k, £2k, £5k, £10k or £100k+ This module shows you how to sell with integrity whilst being able to confidently handle any objection raised by your prospects. 

You will become a confident with a secret sales script and easy to follow formula. Your clients will look at you as the trusted adviser and ask to buy more of what you have to offer.
Option 2: 8 Week Intensive Coaching
This will include many aspects of The Vortex Plug & Play Programme but this option is for coaches who have a desire to see tangible agreed upon results in 8 weeks or less working alongside the entire BOE Team. 

We take care of all the tech implementation, from funnels, landing pages, to webinar set up, plus much much more so you don't have worry about any techie issues - we got it covered… 

You get unprecedented access to us personally so you don't have to second guess ideas or wonder if this tactic or strategy works because we have eliminated the guesswork so you can take the next steps confidently… 

Due to the “in the trenches hands on approach”, we can only work with small number  of coaches, which is done by application only. So if this coaching approach appeals to you click here now and let's arrange to speak. 

- Leon Streete -
PS - The Vortex Course will Undoubtedly Bridge Your Knowledge and Earning Gap Plus take you into the inner circle of 6 figure earners.

PPS - The Underground Facebook Group is worth its weight in informational gold... The stuff we share inside this group is cutting edge.
Hear what students think about this content!
Vortex has helped hundreds of expert business owners, coaches, and consultants with the teachings and unique mechanisms. See for yourself. 
And that's not all...
Read through the feedback and praise we receive on a regular basis from students on our programmes
Vortex Modules
  •  1: “The 3M Siphon cash survey method (This Method will help you corner the market)
  •  2: POP 7 Power Positioning Secrets which allows you to standout in your niche like iconic landmarks
  •  3: How To come up with irresistible offers any sane person can't refuse
  •  4: How To identify Your ideal Prospect Hangout Hotspots online
  •  5: Revenue Adding secrets At Your Disposal
  •  6: How To Create online course ...workshops in a weekend And Profit From them
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  •  Access to the private student Facebook group
  •  Access to all bonuses listed above
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  • Everything included in Plug & Play
  •  8 Weeks of live group coaching calls
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